Thinking of what to do having pulled back the old carpet and discovered a real wood floor in need of refurbishment or thinking that your existing wood floor is worn and tired and in need of refurbishment? Sussex Wooden Floors can offer you a comprehensive wood floor refurbishment service by skilled craftsmen using only brand leading materials with quality and service to deliver you satisfaction as well as peace of mind.

For many years the housing market has acknowledged that real wood floors can improve the appeal of your home as well as increase its value more than any other flooring surface because of its natural beauty…The question has to be why replace your damaged wood floor and install new wood flooring when refurbishing your existing real wood floor could be a more viable option.

There never will be a quick solution as to when you should refinish a real wood floor but we do suggest that if you are redecorating or carrying out renovation works in your home then refinishing and refurbishing your existing wood floors can prove to be wise.

Even if you’re preparing to sell your home you should consider refurbishment of your existing wood floors to enhance the appeal to potential buyers.

At Sussex Wooden Floors it is our policy to make good any minor blemishes and imperfections as standard of our refurbishment service and should we find there may be any minor or major repair then we will advise you on the best solution.

Sussex Wooden Floors will advise and direct you with all the refinishing options available ensuring long lasting beauty and durability are at the fore front. Sussex Wooden Floors always apply three coats of ‘Junkers’ lacquer so that you get maximum protection for your floors

When refurbishing your existing real wood floor you open up many options, you can choose whether to stain the wood or not. Sussex Wooden Floors will help you make the decision with stain charts and sample stains on the floor whatever the colour the price will remain the same be it stain or dye.

Another option is to oil the floor as opposed to lacquer for the finished look, this option is more forgiving in busier environments providing its maintained on a regular basis.

Working with you we will plan the process so there is as little disruption to you as possible

Refurbishment and Sanding Cost*

  • Sand & Lacquer service for existing wood floors which includes making good minor cosmetic imperfections: Price:  £43.55m2
  • Sand & Oil service for existing wood floors which includes making good minor cosmetic imperfections: Price: £49.55m2
  • Sand, Lacquer/Oil & Dye/ Stain service for existing wood floors which includes making good minor cosmetic imperfections and applying dye or stain to match: Price: £53.55m2
  • Sand only service for floors where you wish to apply your own finish: Price: £33.43m2
  • Repair service for damaged wood floors or where floors need to be sourced to matched, priced on a bespoke basis: Price: POA
  • Gap fill service you require gaps between boards to filled with wood, filler or cork: Price: POA
  • Sports line service is a commercial service where sports markings/lines eg; Badminton and Basketball: Price: POA

*Prices are based on a minimum area of 15m2 and entails first 15m2 being charged a fixed rate, prices include VAT, all prices are subject to final confirmation upon acceptance of works agreed and a green surcharge

Due the fluctuation in cost of raw materials the cost of materials used for wood floor refurbishment our prices have increased to a bare minimum to ensure we continue to use the best quality branded oils, stains and high performance lacquers

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