For the past few centuries Parquet flooring was the select choice of wood flooring for those of distinction, Parquet was popular between the Edwardian period and the 1930’s and was an indication of opulence in a grand design of buildings and rooms of the time.

Parquet is identified by the use of a solid wood block the popular Herringbone style which was popular style for decades. From the end of World War 2 through to 70’s Mosaic Pattern was a popular alternative to a solid blocks available in 5 finger strips of wood.

Parquet flooring is generally glued down to the sub-floor during its install providing the correct application is applied for the different type of substrates and is normally found on the ground floor of the house in areas like the hallway and other living spaces. So if you are looking for that bespoke wood floor of your style preference and choice of finish, be it in your hallway or lounge Sussex Wooden Floors can offer a complete design and installation.

Parquet Flooring for Supply Only

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